"Don't Worry, It Happens to Many Men Your Age..."

That's the phrase that could bring my blood to a boil faster than you'd say "limp man"

Ok. Sure. It's a common problem, I get it.

Studies say that about 52% of men have some degree of... Limpness. (1)

But... It still feels as if life has screwed you up.

Especially when you're a man in his prime.

I mean, what's 50 years of age for us men, right?

We're just starting to live life on our own terms at this point.

I was goddamn epic. I had a fantastic job, a loving family, a beautiful wife, two kids growing up healthy as can be. I had everything. And then... Bit by bit... Something was gone.

No more wind in my whistle.

No more steam in my engine.

No more hardness in my... Thing.

You know what I mean, but I hope you don't FEEL what I mean. Because it's living hell.

There's no magic in a flabby wand.

Dr. Dmytro Ivanov
Professor, #1 Ukrainian Doctor

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